Computer Networks and Distributed Systems

Research in the area of ​​distributed systems and wide area networks deals with problems related to protocols and internet services. Problems related to the design and management of networks with a large number of nodes, such as the Internet, are studied. The existence of such networks opens up a whole new range of possibilities in terms of remote use of resources. This use can only become a reality to the extent that efficient tools for searching and accessing information are offered. This is another topic of work in the area of ​​distributed systems.

In the area of ​​local and high-speed networks, research into applications such as teleconferencing and electronic mail led to work with hypermedia systems. There is currently an ongoing project in the department in this area, with the objective of producing a tool for building hypermedia applications. This tool must support applications with distributed architecture, which implies, among other things, the need to guarantee bandwidth for different media (eg voice and video) through a high-speed network. Another line of work in this area studies problems related to the use of hypermedia systems, with emphasis on the development of methodologies for authoring hyperdocuments.

Also within the area of ​​Distributed Systems, research is carried out on architectures and algorithms for parallel and distributed machines, aimed at high performance scientific computing, in addition to the study of basic issues in parallelism such as processor allocation problems and task scheduling. Some of the basic subjects in this area are Computer Networks, Computer Local Area Networks, Modeling and Discrete Simulation of Systems and Fundamentals of Multimedia Systems. Also offered are Hypermedia Systems and Applications, Network Engineering, High Speed ​​Networks, Network Management, Distributed Systems and Parallel Algorithms and Architectures.