First digital wallet in Brazil focused on teenagers, with the mission of promoting independence and financial education. The company was born from a spin-off of Trampolin, another Fintech company incubated at Instituto Genesis. Founded in February 2021, NG.CASH reached the mark of 600 thousand accounts in 6 months of life and, at the same time, has a team of 28 people, mostly PUC-Rio students. The two initial founders were student Mário Augusto Sá, from the Department of Business Administration, Antônio Nakad from Electrical Engineering, Petrus Balhausen Arruda from Mechanical Engineering and Prof. Luis Felipe Carvalho from the Department of Business Administration. Along with them, in the team of founders, were students Gustavo Amaral, Pedro Moll, Rodrigo Lema, João Pedro, Leonardo Farina and Pedro Manhães, all from the Department of Informatics at PUC-Rio. In addition to them, the team also has other students and alumni of the Design and Business Administration courses.

Year of establishment



Prof. Luis Felipe Carvalho, Mário Augusto Sá, Petrus Balhausen Arruda e Antônio Nakad






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