General Information

The Conference will be held on campus at PUC-Rio (the Catholic University in Rio de Janeiro). You can visit the University's web site (in Portuguese), which features a map of the campus.

Invited speakers will be acommodated at the

Ipanema Inn
Rua Maria Quitéria, 27
Phone no.: +55 (21) 523-6092
Fax no.: +55 (21) 511-5094

This hotel doesn't seem to have a web page, but information about it can be found at the Fodor's Hotel Index web site.

For information on Rio de Janeiro, you may visit the web site for RIOTUR (the city's Official Tourism Authority), or a comprehensive unofficial site by a Brazilian professor living in the USA.

For additional information, feel free to email the organizing committee at


Call for Papers
Natural Deduction Meeting
Rio de Janeiro
July 02-06, 2001

The first International Meeting on Natural Deduction will be held in Rio de Janeiro, July 02-06, 2001. Contributions are expected in the area of Natural Deduction and related fields (including Constructive Semantics, Sequent Calculi, Curry-Howard Isomorphism, Type Theory, Typed Systems, Constructive Content of Classical Proofs)

Submissions of 3-page abstracts should be sent through
ordinary or eletronic mail to:

Ordinary Mail:
Luiz Carlos Pereira
Department of Philosophy - PUC-Rio
Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225,
Gávea, Rio de Janeiro


The deadline for contributed papers is MAY 30.