The sixth Workshop on Requirements Engineering (WER 2003) will be carried through in Piracicaba, state of São Paulo, Brazil, in the campus of the UNIMEP - Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba. These workshop, consolidating the work of the Ibero-American research community on Requirements Engineering, intend to have more professionals and students than the last one

 Piracicaba is an important city of the São Paulo state, having been established in August 01, 1767; currently it possess more than 320 a thousand inhabitants. Piracicaba is situated approximately 150 km of São Paulo city, and its economy is based on agriculture and on the sugar cane industry. With diverse courses at public and private universities, one of them the UNIMEP university. This is a multi campi university, with approximately 15,000 students distributed in 42 undergraduate and graduate courses. UNIMEP has two undergraduate courses in the Computer Science area: Computer Science and Information Systems, and Master courses, with research lines in Distributed Systems, Information Systems and Virtual Reality.

WER was thought to become a discussion forum on relevant subjects in the Requirements Engineering field. Even though the Workshop is based on communications obtained by means of standard "call for papers", the discussion among attendants is privileged and encouraged during the meeting.

The experience gained in previous WER's has shown that this mechanism is fruitful since it eases the interchange of ideas and experiences among attendants, encouraging the collaboration among them.


  The first workshop (WER98) was held in Maringá, Brazil, as a joint event of the XII Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering. The second workshop (WER99) was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a joint event of the 28th JAIIO (Argentine Meeting of Informatics and Operational Research), which was organized by SADIO  (Argentine Society for Informatics and Operational Research). The third workshop (WER00) was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The fourth workshop (WER01) was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the last one (WER02) was held in Valencia, Spain.. All workshops was attended by researches from Argentina, Brazil, Spain and other countries. The articles presented at the workshops are available at the workshops homepages (WER98, WER99, WER00, WER01 and WER02).

  For more information about this workshop, please contact:
  Julio Cesar Sampaio do Prado Leite
  Luiz Eduardo Galvão Martins
  Xavier Franch

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