July 15th




Claudia Bauzer Medeiros, UNICAMP 

Karin Koogan Breitman, PUC/Rio 



cmbm AT ic.unicamp.br
  -   karin AT inf.puc-rio.br


General Description

This is the second edition of WIT, a SBC workshop to discuss topics related to questions of gender and Information Technology in Brazil – successful stories, incentive politicies and ways of attracting young people, specially women, to IT carrers.

WIT comprises invited lectures and panels. The workshop will be centered in debating problems related to women and their access to IT, from the job market point of view up to the digital inclusion and literacy. Discussed topics will concentrate in the need for educating, recruiting and training women, as a strategic politicy for the development, and national and regional competitiveness.

The main goal is to create a forum that promotes strategies to increase the women's participation in IT in Brazil. Topics include:

      Critical aspects that influence the full access of women, training, participation and leadership in the area;
* Strategies to increase the visibility, in Brazil, of problems related to gender and IT making all the segments of our society aware of them;
* National and international business politicies to face such challenges;
* Presentation of successful stories.




9:00 – Jane C. Prey, Microsoft Research –

What do I know? What can we share? How can we make it better?


10:00 – Daltro Nunes, UFRGS

         Enrollment in IT undergraduate courses in Brazil:2001-2006


11:00 – Alice Bonhomme-Biais, Google Research

         Google: Research Challenges and Opportunities for Women


14:00 – PANEL- Gender and Regional Differences in Brazil: Do they really exist?


         Taisy Weber – UFRGS

         Maria Emilia Walter - UnB

         Cristina Murta – CEFET-MG

         Ana Carolina Salgado – UFPE

         Janne Oeiras - UFPA