Library for Converting Data to and from C Structs for Lua 5.1/5.2


This library offers basic facilities to convert Lua values to and from C structs. Its main functions are struct.pack, which packs multiple Lua values into a struct-like string; and struct.unpack, which unpacks multiple Lua values from a given struct-like string.

The fist argument to both functions is a format string, which describes the layout of the structure. The format string is a sequence of conversion elements, which respect the current endianess and the current alignment requirements. Initially, the current endianess is the machine's native endianness and the current alignment requirement is 1 (meaning no alignment at all). You can change these settings with appropriate directives in the format string.

The elements in the format string are as follows:




This package is distributed under the MIT license. See copyright notice at the end of file struct.c.