III Workshop on Requirements Engineering
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
July 13-14, 2000
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PUC-Rio   Computing Department 

Computer Science Department of  UNB



FAPERJ - Cientista do Nosso Estado

  The third workshop on Requirements Engineering (WER 2000) will be carried out at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on July 2000.  The WER 2000 will be held at the PUC-Rio campus. This workshop is a consolidation effort continuation of an ibero-american research community on requirements engineering. 

  The first workshop (WER98) was held in Maringá, Brazil, as a joint event of the XII Brazilian Symposium on Software Engineering. The second workshop (WER99) was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a joint event of the 28th JAIIO (Argentine Meeting of Informatics and Operational Research), which was organized by SADIO  (Argentine Society for Informatics and Operational Research). The first and second workshops was attended by researches from Argentina, Brazil, Spain and other countries. The articles presented at the workshops are available at the workshop?s homepages (WER98 and WER99)

  For more information about the workshop, send an e-mail to: 
  Julio Cesar Sampaio do Prado Leite
  Francisco A. C. Pinheiro


 WER01  Workshop em Engenharia de Requisitos 2001 
                 Buenos Aires - 22e 23 de Novembro, 2001 

 ICSR7    7th Conference International on Software Reuse
                Austin, Texas, USA April 15 - 19, 2002