Roberto Ierusalimschy • Talks

Why (and why not) Lua?
Lua in Moscow 2019, Mar 3, 2019. Moscow, Russia.
Garbage Collection in Lua
Lua Workshop 2018, Sep 6, 2018. Kaunas, Lithuania.
The Making of Lua
The 39th Annual Meeting of the TeX Users Group, Jul 20, 2018. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Errâncias de um Software Brasileiro
Aula Inaugural do Instituto de Computação da UFF, Apr 02, 2018. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Scripting with Lua
Curry On Barcelona!, Keynote, Jun 20, 2017. Barcelona, Spain. (slides)
How Much Does it Cost?
Lua Workshop 2017, Kong; Oct 16, 2017. San Francisco, CA.
Functions in Lua
Lua in Moscow 2017, Mar 05, 2017. Moscow, Russia.
O Projeto de Lua
Lua Conf 2016, Jul 09, 2016. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Testing Lua
Lua Workshop 2015, King; Oct 15, 2015. Stockholm, Sweden. (slides)
Integers in Lua 5.3
Lua Workshop 2014, Sep 13, 2014. Moscow, Russia. (slides)
Lua versus Javascript: Why do we need multiple languages?
WWW 2013 Developers Track, Invited Talk. May 15, 2013. (abstract)
LPeg: an Alternative to Regexs Based on PEGs
IFIP working group 2.16 (language design); Austin, TX. December 2012.
Small is Beautiful: the Design of Lua
PPL Seminar. March 15, 2012. Stanford, CA. (abstract)
What About Lua
Rearden. March 15, 2012. Foster City, CA. (abstract)
What is Next for Lua? a personal perspective
Lua Workshop 2012, Verisign; Nov 29, 2012. Reston, VA.
The Disembedding of a Brazilian Software
2011-2012 CLAS Lecture Series, March 6, 2012. Center for Latin American Studies, Stanford, CA. (abstract)
Some Thorny Points in the Design of Lua: a personal perspective
Lua Workshop, 2011, Frick, Switzerland.
The Novelties of Lua 5.2
Lua Workshop, 2011, Frick, Switzerland.
Small is Beautiful: The design of Lua
EE Computer Systems Colloquium, 2010, Stanford, CA.
LPEG: a New Approach to Pattern Matching in Lua
Lua workshop 2008, The George Washington University; Jul 15, 2008. Washington, D.C.
A Evolução de Lua
4o Encontro Brasileiro da Comunidade Python, Pyconbrasil, 2008. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
About Lua
28th Annual Meeting of the TeX Users Group, 2007, San Diego, CA. (photos)
The Evolution of Lua
HOPL III, 2007, San Diego, CA. (slides)
A Linguagem Lua
Semana de Eletrônica e Computação 2007, UFRJ.
The Evolution of Lua
Lua Workshop, 2006. (slides)
The Novelties of Lua 5.1
1st Lua Workshop, Adobe; Jul 28, 2005. San Jose, CA.
The Implementation of Lua 5
1st Lua Workshop, Adobe; Jul 27, 2005. San Jose, CA.
Revisitando Co-rotinas
A Linguagem Lua
IV Forum Internacional Software Livre, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2003.
The Virtual Machine of Lua 5.0
Lightweight Languages 2003, Cambridge, MA, 2003.
A Evolução da Linguagem Lua
A Implementação de Lua 5.0