Roberto Ierusalimschy • Talks

Testing Lua
LabLua Seminars, Dec 05, 2014. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Integers in Lua 5.3
Lua Workshop 2014, Sep 13, 2014. Moscow, Russia.
Lua versus Javascript: Why do we need multiple languages?
WWW 2013 Developers Track, Invited Talk. May 15, 2013. (abstract)
Small is Beautiful: the Design of Lua
PPL Seminar. March 15, 2012. Stanford, CA. (abstract)
What About Lua
Rearden. March 15, 2012. Foster City, CA. (abstract)
The Disembedding of a Brazilian Software
2011-2012 CLAS Lecture Series, March 6, 2012. Center for Latin American Studies, Stanford, CA. (abstract)
Some Thorny Points in the Design of Lua: a personal perspective
Lua Workshop, 2011, Frick, Switzerland.
The Novelties of Lua 5.2
Lua Workshop, 2011, Frick, Switzerland.
Small is Beautiful: The design of Lua
EE Computer Systems Colloquium, 2010, Stanford, CA. (video)
A Evolução de Lua
4o Encontro Brasileiro da Comunidade Python, Pyconbrasil, 2008, Rio de Janeiro.
About Lua
28th Annual Meeting of the TeX Users Group, 2007, San Diego, CA. (video)
LPEG: a new approach to pattern matching
28th Annual Meeting of the TeX Users Group, 2007, San Diego, CA. (photos)
The Evolution of Lua
HOPL III, 2007, San Diego, CA.
A Linguagem Lua
Semana de Eletrônica e Computação 2007, UFRJ.
The Evolution of Lua
2nd Lua Workshop, 2006. (video)
The Novelties of Lua 5.1
1st Lua Workshop, 2005.
The Implementation of Lua 5
1st Lua Workshop, 2005.
Revisitando Co-rotinas
A Linguagem Lua
IV Forum Internacional Software Livre, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2003.
The Virtual Machine of Lua 5.0
Lightweight Languages 2003, Cambridge, MA, 2003.
A Evolução da Linguagem Lua
A Implementação de Lua 5.0