Livro "Beauty Technology"

O projeto Beauty Technology, da nossa ex aluna de doutorado Katia Vega e do Prof. Hugo Fuks, acaba de ser publicado em livro pela Editora Springer.

When we started this project, our aim was to design seamless interfaces using wearables. At that time, most of the wearables we could find at the marketplace were very distinguishable and limited to clothes and accessories such as a wristband and glasses. Thus, we started to look for the possibilities of having technologies on our body surface.  Women from all around the world brought the inspiration for creating Beauty Technology: a Hong Konger putting her fake eyelashes while the bus is in movement, a Japanese girl wearing very long and decorated nails with Swarovski crystals and an English girl donning the look of longer and fully hair by using hair extensions. All of them invited us to think about different aspects of the beauty industry where the functionality of cosmetics didn’t change over the years, i.e., a red lipstick continues being used for highlighting and coloring the lips (how could we add a new functionality to cosmetics to make them interactive?) and the daily time consumed in cosmetics application at home and beauty parlors (how could we embed electronics into cosmetics so they could be applied together as cosmetics?)