Palestra: Cloud and Mobile Web-based Graphics and Visualization

Palestrante: Haim Levkowitz (University of Massachusetts Lowell)
Título: Cloud and Mobile Web-based Graphics and Visualization
Data: 13/12/2012
Horário: 10:00-11:00
Local: 510 RDC

Cloud computing will likely be the most prevailing computing platform in the next several years. The World-Wide Web has progressed from
essentially an electronic bulletin board (with hyperlinking capabilities) to a nearly complete application platform. Cloud+Mobile, the combination of mobile computing and cloud computing, is changing how developers produce, and how users consume computing resources. Visual computing has been, and is being impacted by this same revolution.

The recent introduction of HTML5 and related graphics technologies and their rapid penetration, have made high-quality browser-based interactive graphics a reality. Where lightning fast interactivity is required, client-side rendering technologies such as SVG, Canvas, and WebGL can be employed. Where graphical “heavy lifting” is required or if client devices are too slow, rendering can take place on the server side.

Regardless of implementation details, we envision that the Cloud+Mobile platform will become the most common platform for computer graphics and visualization in the near future. Furthermore, this platform will democratize the use of advanced graphics and visualization techniques, and it stands to revolutionize mainstream data analysis using interactive visualization.

We survey the underlying technologies that enable graphics on the Cloud+Mobile platform. We discuss future challenges, and describe our own research efforts along these directions.

Haim Levkowitz, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Human-Information Interaction Research Group at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, a Fulbright U.S. Scholar to Brazil (2012), and a Visiting Professor at ICMC-USP-SP (2012-13).

He was a Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Institute for Visualization and Perception Research at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Professor Levkowitz is a world-renowned authority on color graphics, visualization, and information presentation. In addition to his academic accomplishments, Prof. Levkowitz has been a life-long entrepreneur, starting his first business at the age of 21, his second at 23, and his third one at 25. Professor Levkowitz was a co-founder of Anvil, Inc., which was founded through the UMass Commercial Ventures and Intellectual Property program in 2000. In addition, over his 40-year career in computer science and technology, he has been involved with numerous high-tech startups as Chief Technology Officer, Strategic and Technical Adviser, and as a Venture Investor.