Palestra dia 12/03 às 11:00-12:00, sala 511 RDC: "Engineering Autonomous and Adaptive Systems", Prof. Nikola Serbedzjia

Data: 12/03/2014
Local: Sala 511 RDC
Horário: 11:00-12:00
Título: Engineering Autonomous and Adaptive Systems
Palestrante: Prof. Nikola Serbedzjia

Abstract: Managing software intensive systems that run in highly dynamic environments, where physical and social context, operational and functional requirements and workloads are continuously changing is a grand challenge in software engineering. In search for adequate technical solutions autonomic, knowledge-based and adaptive behavior have emerged as necessary characteristics of smart technology. The talk focuses on an approach to engineer smart systems, showing how to achieve awareness, adaptation and autonomous functioning of technical systems. At the end, the focus is shifted to the emerging issue of the impact that the development of smart technology can have on individuals and society in general.

 Keywords: Adaptive mechanisms, Autonomous systems, Software engineering, Technology impact, Social implications.

Nikola Serbedzija works at Fraunhofer FOKUS (Berlin)  where he is responsible for new research activities and innovative technology. He was a visiting professor at University of Technology Sydney (1999–2000) and at University of Arts, Berlin (2000–2008). His major research areas are: Adaptive Control, Pervasive Adaptation, Ubiquitous Computing, Middleware Architectures, and Internet Programming, mostly applied within embedded and real-time systems, ambient assistance and empathic systems. As a principle designer he led the developments of a number of practical systems in vehicular, in- and out-door infrastructures and e-commerce domains. He is currently involved in a large EU project dealing with autonomous control [ASCENS project: http://www.ascens-ist.eu/].