Palestra: Model-Driven Requirements Engineering

Palestrante: Prof. João Araújo,  Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Data/Horário:  11 de abril de 2011, 16:00 – 17:30

Local: DI, RDC, Sala 511


Model Driven engineering (MDE) proposes the systematic use of models as first-class software artifacts and their subsequent transformation throughout its life cycle. MDE increases the level of abstraction when developers build software and automates the development process by using models that are being refined through successive transformations, providing faster and more reliable results. MDD processes that explicitly include requirements models are rarely found as the main achievements of MDD have been related to the design and implementation levels. Nevertheless, Requirements Engineering (RE) also benefits from MDE. For instance, MDE may be used to ensure consistency between different kinds of requirements models (e.g., goal, scenario or domain models), to automatically build architectural models from requirements, to increase separation of concerns and their composability, and to help evaluating models’ quality attributes. In this talk I will discuss some of my experience using MDE for RE.

João Araújo is professor at the Department of Informatics at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal and a full member of the Portuguese research center CITI. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Lancaster University, UK, in the area of Software Engineering. His principal research interests in Requirements Engineering (RE) are Early Aspects, Goal-Oriented approaches, Model-driven RE, and Software Product Lines, where, he has published several papers on these topics in journals, international conferences, and workshops. He has been involved in several projects about Model-Driven Development, Software Product Lines, and Aspect-Oriented Software Development. Some of these projects are AMPLE (funded by the European Union), Aspects for Space Domain (funded by ESA), SOFTAS and BATIC3S (both funded by FCT/MCTES in Portugal). He has been a co-founder of the series of the Early Aspects workshops, which has been held at AOSD, OOPSLA, SPLC and ICSE conferences since 2002. He served as a guest editor of the Special issue on Early Aspects at Transactions on AOSD journal. Recently, he also launched the series of workshops on model-driven RE (MoDRE) that has been held in RE conference since 2011. Additionally, he has served on the organization committees of MoDELS, RE, ECOOP, AOSD, and ICSE in the past few years. For details see: http://ctp.di.fct.unl.pt/~ja/