Palestra: Reflecting on the Usability of Research on Culture in Designing Interaction

Título: Reflecting on the Usability of Research on Culture in Designing Interaction
Palestrante: José Abdelnour-Nocera, University of West London
Data: 20/03/2013
Horário: 14:00
Local: 511 RDC

The concept of culture has been attractive to producers of interactive systems who are willing to design useful and relevant solutions to users increasingly located in culturally diverse contexts. Despite a substantial body of research on culture and technology, interaction designers have not always been able to apply these research outputs to effectively define requirements for culturally diverse users. I frame this issue as one of understanding of the different paradigms underpinning the cultural models being applied to interface development and research. Drawing on different social science theories, I will discuss top-down and bottom-up perspectives in the study of users’ cultural differences and discuss the extent to which each provides usable design knowledge.

Short Bio
José Abdelnour-Nocera is Reader in Sociotechnical Design and Head of The Sociotechnical Centre for Internationalisation and User Experience at the University of West London. His interests lie in the sociotechnical and cultural aspects of systems design, development and use. In pursuing these interests, he has been involved as researcher and consultant in several projects in the UK and overseas in the domains of e-learning in social development, e-commerce, e-governance, and enterprise resource planning systems. Dr. Abdelnour-Nocera gained an MSc in Social Psychology from Simon Bolivar University in Caracas, Venezuela, and a PhD in Computing from The Open University, UK. More info here https://soc.uwl.ac.uk/~jabdelno