Palestra sexta-feira 7/nov às 13h na 511 RDC: "Towards a more human-centred informatics?" Prof. Liam Bannon, Univ. Limerick, Irlanda

Palestrante: Prof. Liam Bannon — University of Limerick and Aarhus University
Título: Towards a more human-centred informatics?
Data e hora: sexta-feira 7/nov às 13h
Local: 511 RDC

In this talk I will argue that the field of Computing should not solely be about the study of computability (Mathematics) or the building of applications (Engineering). Most of the software we design today is used by people, and so an understanding of people’s activities and practices is also in my view a necessary aspect of education in the computing field. Strangely, this is still the exception rather than the rule in most Computing departments worldwide. My argument is not simply that students should receive a few lectures on the creation of user interfaces, or learn some heuristics about Human Computer Interaction (HCI), or speculate about the future on an optional course on “computers and society” (although such brief introductions are better than nothing!), but rather that they explore what it means to create artefacts that fit into, and enhance, people’s everyday lives and activities. In this talk, I’ll take up this challenge, and show how historically, these issues have surfaced in debates about the field of Computer Science over the years, without ever becoming mainstream.

Liam Bannon is Honorary Professor in Human Computer Interaction at Aarhus University, Denmark, and Emeritus Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at the University of Limerick, Ireland. Currently, he is a Visiting Research Professor at UFRJ. In recent years, he has also held Visiting Professor positions in several Universities in France, Spain and Italy. His research interests range over the gamut of human-technology relations, including cognitive ergonomics, human-computer interaction, computer-supported cooperative work, computer-supported collaborative learning, new media, interaction design, and social dimensions of new technologies. He has been involved for many years in the elaboration of more human-centred approaches to the design of complex ICT systems (Bannon, 2011). He was a founding editor of CSCW: The Journal of Collaborative Computing and is serving, or has served, on the editorial boards of several other international journals in HCI, CSCW, CSCL, and Design. He has served on numerous International Programme Committees for Conferences in these areas, and also served as a member of the International Panel of Reviewers for many scientific research projects and organizations wordwide. Liam was recognized as a Pioneer in the HCI field by IFIP in 2010. Liam holds an Honorary Doctorate from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), in Stockholm, Sweden. Liam is a Fellow of the Irish Ergonomics Society, was first Chair of the ACM SigCHI Irish Chapter, and is Irish representative on IFIP TC13 (Human-Computer Interaction). In 2013 he was jointly awarded (with Kjeld Schmidt) the EUSSET-IISI Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to HCI & CSCW.

Suggested Reading
Bannon, Liam (2011) Reimagining HCI: Toward a more human-centred perspective. ACM Interactions (cover story), July-August 2011, vol. 18, Issue 4 pp. 50-57.