Paper of the day – Computational narrative blending based on planning


Computational Narrative Blending Based on Planning

International Conference on Entertainment Computing (ICEC), 2021

Edirlei Soares de Lima, Bruno Feijó, Antonio L. Furtado

Inspired by conceptual blending models and considering plot generation as a plan- generation problem, this paper proposes a robust method that reuses existing stories to generate new narrative variants. This method generates variants that combine episodes extracted and adapted from different stories that share the same narrative structure. By combining a plan validation algorithm with a basic narrative structure, our method guarantees the logical coherence and general plot structure of the generated narratives. We also propose a new tool to assist amateur/professional writers to visualize all narrative variants created from a set of existing stories. Our experiments created novel, coherent and structured narratives by blending and adapting episodes from old chivalry romance pieces of work and some modern adventure videogames.

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