Prof. Andres Diaz-Pace – Tutorial e Palestra

Prof. Andres Diaz-Pace, especialista em arquitetura de software
*Tutorial title: A roadmap of architecture-centric design techniques*
*Talk title: Text mining techniques for identifying crosscutting
concerns in requirements and architecture documents*
Data 21/05/2014  16:00h Tutorial   e 17:20h Palestra     sala RDC511
*Bio:* From 2007 to 2010, Andres Diaz-Pace was a member of the technical
staff at the Software Engineering Institute (SEI, Pittsburgh, USA), with
the Research, Technology, and System Solutions Program. He  is currently
a professor at UNICEN University (Tandil, Argentina), and also a
research fellow of the National Council for Scientific and Technical
Research of Argentina (CONICET). His primary research interests are:
quality-driven architecture design, AI techniques in design,
architecture-based evolution and conformance. He has authored several
publications on topics of design assistance and object-oriented
frameworks. He
also participated, as an architecture evaluator or as a lead architect,
in several technology transfer projects with industry. Mr. Diaz-Pace
received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UNICEN University in 2004.
Contact him at adiaz@exa.unicen.edu.ar <mailto:adiaz@exa.unicen.edu.ar>