Seminário da pós: A perspective of software Product & Process quality over 50 years through research and practice

Na próxima sexta (24/03), às 15h, acontecerá o seminário “A perspective of software Product & Process quality over 50 years through research and practice.”, proferido pela professora visitante, Maria Teresa Baldassarre.

O evento ocorrerá na sala 511 do RDC, e será transmitido ao vivo, via Youtube pelo canal do DI através do link: https://youtu.be/aCjU7itPFds


Resumo do seminário:

Software engineering has recently celebrated its 50-year anniversary. Over this half century much has been accomplished in terms of software process and product quality. Osterweil’s statement “Software processes are software too” has emphasized the importance of “software process programming” as a means for describing software processes and materializing them. Over the years, materializing software process descriptions has naturally led to emerging trends in measurement practices, as well as definition of quality paradigms, standards and frameworks, mainly focused on processes (GQM-QIP, PDCA, ISO family standards, CMMI, etc.). On the other hand, empirical software engineering has allowed to collect best practices, lessons learned and formalize heuristics, frameworks and tools for measuring and monitoring software product quality (e.g. static analysis tools, ISO25000). In turn, Agile-oriented processes have incorporated product quality assessment practices, enforcing the bond between process and product quality. Such trend has been bridging the gap between software engineering and other engineering disciplines that focus mainly on product quality. This talk discusses the main roles that quality has covered over the past 50 years with respect to software processes and software products. Relevant results and lessons learned from industrial experiences that point out the need of combining both aspects to deliver high quality software will be presented.

Conheça a professora convidada:
Maria Teresa Baldassarre is Associate Professor, PhD, at the Department of Informatics of the University of Bari, Italy, and member of the Software Engineering Research Laboratory (SERLab) where she coordinates the Process&Product Quality area. Her research interests are mainly focused on empirical software engineering, human factors in software engineering, software measurement and quality assurance. She is involved in several research projects and carries out controlled and in field experimentation within small and medium enterprises, and international academic partners. She is a partner of the SER&Practices spin off company of the University of Bari. Currently she is the representative for the University of Bari in the International Software Engineering Research Network (ISERN) and is PC member of several relevant software engineering and empirical software engineering international conferences. She is Associate Editor of Decision Support Systems Journal. Part of the Editorial Board of Empirical Software Engineering Journal, and co-chair of Registered Reports. She has covered several roles in the organization of software engineering related conferences.

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