Seminário da Pós “Propositional proofs compression”

Dia 12 de maio, às 15h, acontecerá o seminário “Propositional proofs compression”, proferido pelo professor Edward Hermann Haeusler. O Seminário será presencial, na sala 511 do RDC.

Seminário da Pós: Propositional proofs compression

Resumo do Seminário: This talk presents a novel compressing propositional proof task and its relevance in solving some computational complexity well-known conjectures.

Conheça o Professor: Edward Hermann Haeusler graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics (1983 at the University of Brasília. Brazil), he got a Master’s degree in Theoretical Computer Science (1986 at PUC-Rio, Brasil) and a DSc degree in Theoretical Computer Science (1990 at PUC-Rio, Brasil). He spent three post-doctoral stages: 1-BRICS, Aarhus University, Denmark, 1994; 2- Informatics Department, Tuebingen University, Germany, 2003 and INRIA-Paris, France, 2013-2014.

Edward Hermann Haeusler supervised more than 24 PhDs and published more than 70 journal articles in international journals with reviewing. He has been an associate professor at the Department of Informatics, PUC-Rio, since 1996, hired in 1991 as an assistant professor. He was a Brazilian Council for Scientific Research (CNPq) researcher from 1992 to 2020. He is a consultant of FAPERJ and CAPES. He was also the program chair and local chair of more than a dozen international and national conferences and workshops.

His main research fields are theoretical computer science, formal semantics, logic and proof theory. He coordinates TecMF, the Laboratory of Technology on Formal Methods.