Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza

Professor Emeritus / Senior Researcher

Short Bio

Prof. Clarisse de Souza is an Emeritus Professor at PUC-Rio and conducts research in Human-Computer Interaction, from where she created a semiotic theory for the area, the Semiotic Engineering.

Laboratory Collaborator

Productivity Grants

CNPq Level 1B


Coordinator of SERG – Semiotic Engineering Research Group


+55 21 3527-1500 ext. 4344


RDC 501

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Dr. Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza is an Emeritus Professor at the DI and works in the area of Human-Computer Interaction. Her main interests in the field involve theoretical and scientific approaches to HCI, interfaces and interaction with systems evaluating methods, computer mediated communication, end-user programming and explanation systems. Creator of the internationally known Semiotic Engineering, a
semiotic theory for Human-Computer Interaction, Clarisse is the Coordinator of a research group focused on the area, SERG - Semiotic Engineering Research Group. Dr. Souza holds a bachelor’s degree in Translation and Conference Interpretation - English and French (1979), a master’s degree in Portuguese Language (1982) and a PhD in Applied Linguistics (1987) from the Department of Languages at PUC-Rio.
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