Research Lines

Artificial Intelligence, Theory of Computation and Optimization

This line includes research related to artificial intelligence, theory of computation and optimization, in topics such as algorithms and complexity, machine learning, deep learning, program logic and semantics, formal methods for computation, proof theory and automatic theorem proving.

Data Science and Knowledge Engineering

This line includes research related to data, in topics such as databases, bioinformatics, data science and knowledge engineering.

Software Engineering, Programming Languages ​​and Systems

This line includes research related to the construction of systems and software, in topics such as software engineering, programming languages ​​and distributed and networked systems.

Visual and Human-Centered Computing

This line includes research related to computer graphics, multimedia and human-computer interaction, in topics such as computer vision, graphic processing, visualization, evaluation and design of human-computer interaction, semiotic engineering, digital TV, games and digital entertainment and virtual reality and increased.

Monographs and Theses

The Department of InformaticsDI maintains a Library, Documentation and Information Office, located in the building of the Technological Innovation Center – NIT, whose function is to assist teachers and postgraduate students of the Informatics area in their service demands. These services can be found below.

1 – Library Services, with the support of the Library and Documentation Division-DBD;

2 – Publishing and Documentation Services;

3 – Informational Resources.

The Advisory is also responsible for the management and dissemination of the academic production of the Department of Informatics, which can be consulted below:

1Computer Science Monographs, our series of research reports;
2Theses and Dissertations defended and approved;
3Bibliographic production – books, journals and articles in conference proceedings – published in widely circulated vehicles.

If you want additional information, send message to bib-di@inf.puc-rio.br.

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