Nucleus of Technological Innovation

The ICAD/VisionLab (Laboratory of Visualization, Digital TV/Cinema, and Games) is a research and development lab that promotes innovation from the convergence of visualization, simulation, and computational narratology and expands the concepts of games, VFX, extended reality, gamification, and digital entertainment. In Latin America, it is the pioneering research group in interactive storytelling, computational narratology, and Data Storytelling.The laboratory also creates indie games to test new team building models and processes for the industry. It is also part of the ICAD/VisionLab goals to seek innovations in behavioral and affective computing.


Bruno Feijó

Tel.: 3527-1500 ext 4533/4534

Adress: R. Marquês de Sao Vicente 225, Ed. Pe. Belizsario Velloso, Térreo, Gávea Rio de Janeiro, RJ CEP 22451-900



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