Instituto Tecgraf

Nucleus of Technological Innovation

Since 1987, Tecgraf Institute of Technical-Scientific Software Development of PUC-Rio (Tecgraf Institute of PUC-Rio) has been developing computer systems based on complex mathematical modeling, efficient numerical simulations, distributed computing, and three-dimensional interactive graphics visualization.

Tecgraf ofPUC-Rio’s longest and most fruitful cooperation is held with Petrobras. The Institute develops, implements and maintains several systems in operation at Petrobras in the areas of exploration, production and supply. For more than 30 years, Tecgraf of PUC-Rio has continuously developed innovative systems in the areas of Geophysics, Geology, Reservoirs, Geomechanics, Marine Installations, Industrial Plants, Environment, Logistics, and Serious Games and Training.In addition to Petrobras’ vital importance, Tecgraf/PUC-Rio develops projects in partnership with other companies, such as Transpetro, GE Brazil, Eneva, Shell Brazil, and the Brazilian Navy. The Institute also collaborates with PUC-Rio’s Academic Departments and other national and international education and research institutions.

Many of the methodologies and techniques applied in the systems developed by the Institute stem from Doctoral Theses and Master’s Dissertations and other academic works of PUC-Rio. This characteristic highlights the relevance of the research carried out in the university for the Brazilian technical-scientific development.

Currently, the Institute houses more than  400 researchers and collaborators,  including approximately  100 professionals with  Master’s  Degree and 60 professionals with Doctoral Degrees, many of them with international experience. Tecgraf Institute of PUC-Rio is located at Pe. Laércio Dias de Moura S.J. Building at PUC-Rio’ campus.


Marcelo Gatass

Tel.: +55 21 3520-4000

Adress: Rua Marquês de São Vicente, 225 Prédio Pe. Belisário Velloso 22453-900 Rio de Janeiro/RJ BRAZIL



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