LES | Laboratório de Engenharia de Software

Nucleus of Technological Innovation

The Software Engineering Laboratory (LES) develops innovative advanced research projects in areas of software engineering which require the application and analysis of highly complex techniques and solutions. In the field of technology transfer, several companies were created from works developed at LES. Among the main projects, these stand out: ESSMA (Multi-Agent Systems Software Engineering), which deals with the study and validation of the principles of multi-agent based systems and their applications in Electronic Commerce, Mobile Computing, Distance Education and System Optimization; AulaNet, a Web-based software environment for the administration, creation, maintenance and participation in Web-based courses; the Requirements Engineering State of Practice project, which aims to establish bases for increasing the quality of software production processes with emphasis on the use of Requirements Engineering; Information Security Risk Analysis (SARSI) and Software Architecture (QASA), which develop systems for capturing inspection data for compliance with quality standards in information security and software architecture.

Tel.: +55 21 2540-6915

Adress: Rua Marquês de São Vicente 225, Gávea - Ed. Padre Leonel Franca, 9º e 10º floor.



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