Bruno Feijó

Full Professor

Short Bio

Prof. Bruno Feijó is an Associate Professor of the Department of Informatics at PUC-Rio and director of the ICAD/VisionLab Laboratory. His interdisciplinary research is pioneering in Brazil in the areas of CAD, animation, special effects, digital entertainment and games, with proposals for innovation and education ranging from high school to research institutions.


Dr. Bruno Feijó is an Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science at PUC-Rio, a CNPq Level 1 researcher, the director of ICAD/VisionLab/PUC-Rio (Visualization Laboratory, Digital TV/Cinema and Games), co-founder of the Multimedia Course for Vocational High School of NAVE/Oi Futuro (2008), co-founder of the Special Commission on Games and Digital Entertainment of the Brazilian Computer Society (2002), PhD from the University of London/Imperial College (1988) and an Engineer from ITA (1975). He worked for several years in the industry in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) before starting his PhD in London (UK) and joining the Department of Computer Science at PUC-Rio in 1988 in the Computer Graphics group. He helped creating the academic community of Games and Digital Entertainment in the country - an area previously alienated from academia. He is also one of the founders of the SBGames symposium. Dr. Feijó has advised more than 15 doctoral theses and 40 master's dissertations and has published over 30 articles in journals, 12 book chapters and 70
articles in conference proceeding. He is also the author of a textbook that uses games for teaching computer programming. Several of his works with his students have been recognized through national and international awards and his students have also attracted the attention of venture capital (national and international) for the creation of startups. His current research interest is in interdisciplinary work in the areas in which he is a pioneer in Brazil: animation, special effects, digital entertainment and games. His studies and proposals for innovations and education range from high school to research institutions and business incubators. Some of his work was used as public policy guidelines in the visualization and audiovisual sectors. He was the editor of Elsevier's Media Technology series, with 30 volumes (2010-2012) on technology for new digital media. His work in new technologies is present in special effects scenes in several TV productions and in innovative prototypes for Digital TV/Cinema. Dr. Bruno Feijó is currently a member of SBC and ACM.
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